We have a mission: that your favourite item should receive the best possible treatment from us. Every single customer wish for their garment is met by a hand-applied treatment. Experience what we have to offer.


We make the ordering process child’s play for you. Just complete the form, send in the garment – or we can prepare an individual estimate of the cost of reconditioning for you.

About us

As a fashion logistics provider, we have more than a century of experience in handling items of clothing. Our competent service and strong commitment to quality ensure that your waxed textiles are in the best of hands with us.

Vielen Dank für die excellente Reparatur. Sie und Ihr Team haben wirklich eine erstklassige Arbeit vollbracht, ich bin vollständig zufrieden.

Mark N. 13.04.2014

Vielen Dank für die Rücksendung der Jacke. Sie ist super geworden!

Sandra W. 07.01.2013



Jacke angekommen. Sehr gute Arbeit. Kann man bei solchem Regenwetter wieder gut anziehen. Noch besser, wenn man durch die Dornen muss.

Günther L. 29.11.2012

I must use this chance to thank You for the really, but really swift response and job well done. I have no doubt in it.
Once again, thank You so much! I shall certainly not hesitate to contact You in future.

Barbara N. 24.07.2014


Each of us owns that special piece of clothing - that special waxed jacket, that coat or that bag - which has its own story to tell. Even when these textile items which are so special to us are getting on in years, we don't just want to say goodbye to them. That is why we have made it our task not only to repair and refurbish your favourite item by hand, but also to retain its special character. So that there is yet another chapter to add to the story ...

  • Professional cleaning of waxed clothing
  • Renovation by staff specially trained by Barbour
  • Repair using original materials
  • Impregnation by re-waxing in using a traditional waxing process

Rejuvenation for your favourite item


1. Customer service

We give you individual customised advice about the renovation of the garment which you send in to us, and are happy to answer any questions which you may have.

2. Cleaning

Careful cleaning is an important step in the renovation. While doing this, we conscientiously pay full attention to preserving the unique character of each item.

3. Repair

Defective parts such as buttons and fasteners are removed, and repaired in as closely as possible to the original using original Barbour parts. We also repair damaged areas in the woven fabric by hand.

4. Waxing

The finishing of a Barbour product: through our re-waxing and impregnation process your garment regains once again the special resistant qualities which you are used to.

5. Despatch

After your garment has been treated, our staff pack it with great care and pass it on to be despatched. Of course, at home you can thoroughly inspect our work and let us know what you think about it.

6. Re-waxing regularly

To maintain the quality of the garment even after the first renovation, it should be regularly re-waxed. We like to support you in this.

How it works.

Fill in

1. Complete the order form. Tick the box for the treatment which you require.

to form

Print it

2. Print the completed order form and sign it.

Send it off

3. Send off the signed order form togetzer with the garment.

Cost estimate

4. When we have received your package we examine your garment thoroughly. If you wish, we will send you a cost estimate.


5. After the work to be carried out has been clarified, your receive our invoice. At this point you will be asked to transfer the appropriate sum to our account.


6. Once your payment has been received we start work out your garment. Please note that where extensive work is required, treatment can take up to six weeks.


Liebes Team,
heute ist meine Barbour wieder bei mir angekommen und macht einen tollen Eindruck. Vielen Dank für die gute Arbeit. Das nächste Mal, werde ich nicht 5 Jahre warten.
Freundliche Grüße,

Anna G. 02.08.2014

Vielen Dank für Ihre Arbeit. Die Jacke ist bei mir fast wie neu angekommen!

Vielen Dank dafür.

Manuela W. 27.02.2013

...the jacket arrived -
thanks very much for your prompt work!

Daniela A. 17.03.2013

I received my jacket yesterday. Thank you for the beautiful work!

Lauryn I. 26.04.2014

Ich bin sehr, sehr, sehr zufrieden mit der Aufarbeitung meiner Jacke und wie der ganze Auftrag abgewickelt wurde.
Vielen Dank!

Andrea H.-T. 21.06.2012

Es hat alles gut geklappt. Vielen Dank für Ihre Bemühungen. Das war Spitze!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Marianne H. 18.10.2012

Thank you very much for returning my jacket.
The result is brilliant!
Yours faithfully

Susan N. 07.01.2013


About us.

Meyer & Meyer is a traditional owner-managed company with its head office in Osnabrück. As a fashion logistics provider, we have more than a century of experience in handling demanding items of clothing. Because of the special care we take to ensure that each individual product is handled in such a way that it reaches the addressee in perfect condition, our customers appreciate our professional services. Meyer & Meyer accompanies the customer “from sheep to shop” and so covers the entire value-added chain of a garment.

For a long time we have been providing services above and beyond just transportation, such as services which ensure the arrival of textiles to the retail trade in perfect condition – from pressing and the attachment of price and security tags through to the repair of seams. In cooperation with the textile finishing firm of WKS Textilveredlungs-GmbH we have expanded this area still further. In this way our customers get all-round benefit from our many years of experience.


A special service which we offer is the repair and sealing of waxed clothing for the end-user. With the correct treatment, jackets, bags and other waxed textiles last a lifetime – a quality which is valued by the many enthusiasts. Our competent service and our high quality standards ensure that your garment is in the best hands with us.If we can take the furrows and wrinkles of a textile’s long life and can still make it fit for the coming years, then we are proud of our service.

More information on the company:


We always keep an eye and an ear open for your questions and suggestions. Whether it is before, during or after our work on your favourite item: Write to us or telephone.

We are available on the telephone from Monday to Friday between 12 and 3 pm.

Please note our company Holidays: Summer Holidays 07.08.2017 - 20.08.2017 and Christmas 22.12.2017 - 01.01.2018

During the holidays we are working on your favorite item on. You can reach us via e-mail any time.

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